We realized that we haven’t written about any of our meals for a while, instead opting to write about where we’re purchasing our food. To get us back into describing our meals, here is what we had for dinner tonight (this meal is more or less typical of the sorts of things we’ve been eating for the past two weeks):

Dinner on 9-18-2007

  • Squash soup: made from half of a Hubbard squash (previously baked, then mashed), half of a medium yellow onion, one large clove of garlic, a roasted Anaheim chile, and a little bit of salt (this soup was very good, but in retrospect I wish we had added a tomatillo – it would have added a great flavor as well as thickened the soup)
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes: sliced into strips, drizzled with olive oil and salt, baked, and then topped with leftover homemade tomatillo salsa (a surprisingly good combination!)
  • Salad, our first since we began this experiment: arugula, lemon basil, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and lime juice (this would have been great, but the basil was a week old and tasted a little funny)
  • Beans: leftover from a few nights ago; cranberry beans and Colorado River beans cooked with cholla buds, onion, roasted Anaheim chile, and honey