It’s been a while since we’ve posted any pictures, so we thought we’d post some photos of our cats and chickens (two of them, at least). We promise not to turn this into one of those blogs where they constantly post pictures of their cats, but we can’t help posting photos of them at least once!


Thor, our sweet older cat


Hansel, our new energetic kitten


Bali, a gift from our friends Chi, Rodd and Brad


Einstein, one of our Ameraucana hens

The chickens finally seem to be starting to lay again, after a hiatus during the heat of summer. We’ve gotten two eggs in the past two days, which is as many as we’d gotten in the previous two weeks. Our high temperatures have finally moved away from the 100° range (down to 90-95°), and the chickens seem to be enjoying the cooler weather (as are we).