Okay, we’ve been on this local kick for just about 2 weeks, and an intense desire for chocolate just posessed me. I’m not normally a sweets freak, but I can’t stop thinking about (and whining about) my absolute need for chocolate. This craving is motivating an interest in making some sort of dessert. I’d love to make a pie, but we don’t have enough fruit to make a filling. I’d love to make oatmeal cookies, but I have a feeling they would taste exactly like my breakfast (cooked oats with honey) since all we have is oats, wheat flour and honey. We started cruising the web in search of possible dessert recipes and I got excited when Chris told me that we could make apple cobbler. Then he said, “We don’t have raisins, brown sugar, bisquick or butter, but we have apples and oatmeal”. Great. I might just get desperate enough to try something, but for now I’ll just whine to Chris and the world that I would trade my left arm for some chocolate.