We had a wonderful, relaxing Friday at home. Chris did some work on the computer while I read and talked with some friends online. It was a good food day, too. I had oatmeal (whole cooked oats) with honey for breakfast and Chris and I ate a bunch of leftovers for lunch. Then I had the foresight to soak some adzuki beans for dinner. We had all the right ingredients for a good bean stew- onions, chiles, tomatoes, tomatillos, garlic, bell pepper, cholla buds, oregano… When I was about to cook the beans, Chris asked me where they were from. I have no idea where those beans came from! I’m sure I bought them at the co-op, and they’re from nowhere local. Funny how my mind just switched off for a while. I decided to cook the beans anyway (they were already soaked and ready to go) using our non-local salt and chiles. We’ll give them to our friends when we go to their house later this evening.

So now we had a dilemma: We really didn’t have much in the house for a satisfying dinner. We have only gotten two eggs from our chickens in the last two days, and we ate one of them yesterday. But, man, omelettes sounded really good! We called Wild Oats, the Food Conspiracy Co-Op, and Rincon Market in hopes of finding some local eggs and/or meat, but no luck. Rincon Market does carry Hickman’s Farm eggs, but they are from Buckeye, AZ, which is 117 miles from Tucson: Too far! We searched for farmer’s markets open on a Friday afternoon, but found none. Then Chris remembered that our CSA has a pick-up day on Friday as well as Tuesday (when we get our share), and they often have fresh, local eggs. Bingo! We went to the CSA pick-up site and lo and behold, there were our eggs! Five bucks a dozen for local eggs, and well worth it. Even if we ate the entire dozen for dinner we’d be eating for less than $10 total, which is less than any restaurant meal, and would be of better quality. We felt a rush of relief as soon as we knew we’d have a good dinner.

Our omelettes were superb. We filled them with leftover baked veggies (squash, eggplant and zucchini), leftover sauted okra, tomatoes and onions, fresh oregano and fresh tomato. They were topped off with a roasted tomatillo, garlic and anaheim chile salsa that Chris made, and a bit of goat cheese. We’ll be having grapes for dessert.

While the omelettes were cooking, our friend called us to tell us that Shamrock Farms (a dairy farm) is local and sells organic products. Indeed, they are located about 70 miles from us. Chris is ecstatic because, as he said, “where there’s milk, there’s the potential for ice cream”! I’m hoping they have yogurt, although we’ll need to figure out if all the ingredients in any processed food like yogurt are acceptable to our local palates.

That’s it for today. Signing off to go eat some Cochise-grown grapes.