We visited the Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market today (it’s about a mile from our house). We were pleasantly surprised to see it the most crowded we’d ever seen it before. They had changed locations and there were several great vendors who were new to us. We bought a great assortment of things: jujubes, tomatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, oregano, onions, Anaheim chiles, Pima/Durum wheat flour (I am most excited about this, because I’m already craving bread), butternut squash, Armenian cucumber, jalapeños, okra, pears, and grapes. These were all “organic” and all local. This is a great market and is well worth visiting. It happens every Thursday evening from 4-7 (I think) at the Santa Cruz River park between St. Mary’s and Speedway. We’re happy that this market seems to be so successful!